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Ascension by serenity of
You just downloaded "Ascension" - distributed by Graphics created by serenity; main coding done by a close friend and slightly manipulated by serenity.

In order to use this template, you MUST keep any copyright information on it. Do not manipluate anything outside of this area, otherwise you may mess up the template. Do no manipluate the coding if you do not know what you are doing and if you do not understand CSS.

To use the correct fonts that come with this template, install both fonts located in the fonts folder into your C:/Windows/Fonts folder.

Be sure to upload everything in the www folder onto your server. This includes any html files (index.html is the only included html document in this download), style.css and the entire images folder.

Also leave a link back to somewhere on the site.

For further help, post a topic in the Help Booth on the ClanTemplates forums.

How to Change The Header
If you have PhotoShop, open banner.psd located in the originals folder. Use the font tool to change the text to whatever you want.

If you do not have PhotoShop, there is a blank banner in the originals folder called banner_blank.jpg. Simply put your text on this banner and save it as banner.jpg. Feel free to change the font to your liking.

How to Change The Buttons
There are two images for each button - the normal state (button) and a rollover (button_over). To change the button using the psd, open button.psd located in the originals folder and simply change the text to what you want. To get the rollover, you must unhide the Rollover layer.

If you do not have PhotoShop, there are two blank button called button_blank.jpg and button_over_blank.jpg that you can put your own text over. Doing this may create buttons that are not similar to the originals.

When you made your button, name the normal state button button_0# and the rollover button_over_0# - replace # with the button number you want to replace (each are named button_01-07 in order of appearance)